The Nikki Medoro Show: Dr. Jeremy Levin on Combatting COVID-19

Today, Nikki Medoro talked to Dr. Jeremy Levin, who is the Chairman/CEO of Ovid Therapeutics and Chairman of the Board of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO). He’s heading up a virtual conference of biotech leaders today who have been asked by the government to focus on a vaccine and treatment options for COVID -19. He gave Nikki a summary of what he and his team have been working on.

“We are being overwhelmed by large numbers of, or large pieces of data which are just not relevant. What we do know is that number one isolation does work. Number two, we know that the hospitals definitely need help so many of the biotech companies for example, are stepping forward and are providing gloves, masks etc. They’re going into the cupboards and holding them out and bring them to the hospitals to help the doctor. So we know we can do that. We have to galvanize around finding machinery to do diagnostics and we have companies that are doing that. There are lots of them in actual fact that are now pulling together.”

Listen to the full conversation below.


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