The Nikki Medoro Show: Dr. Emanuel on COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Orders


This morning, Nikki talked to Ezekiel Emanuel about his Washington Post column on the importance of the coronavirus quarantine and stay-at-home orders. Emanuel is the chairman of the department of medical ethics and health policy at the University of Pennsylvania, a member of Joe Biden’s public health advisory committee and the author of the forthcoming book “Which Country Has the World’s Best Health Care?”

“There are many states that have done this but they’re not getting the full benefit because other states aren’t doing it. This is something that has to be coordinated and has to be shared among all the different players, you can’t do it haphazardly and like a patchwork quilt. It has to be uniform to get the full effect and we know other countries that have done this uniformly have seen some real benefits. But, again, some of the things that public needs to recognize and I frankly don’t know if the president recognizes, if you do it today, you’re not going to see the effect for two to four weeks, partially because that’s how long the virus incubates and partially, you know, you’ve got a data collection delay. So, you know, to say look that they did, they did physical distancing and hasn’t reduced the spread of the virus. It’s too early to tell.”

Listen to the full conversation here.


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