Gavin Newsom tells Trevor Noah how Silicon Valley saved bunk federal-government ventilators in 72-hours

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, went on The Daily Show Tuesday morning to talk to host, Trevor Noah, about how the state has faired during the COVIS-19 outbreak.

One of the stories that Newsom told was about the state’s resourcefulness amid this crisis. When the federal government sent them nonfunctioning ventilators last week they were determined to find a solution quickly and push ahead.

“We have not received any ventilators in a state of 40million to meet our needs,” said Newsom. “There were 170 ventilators that went directly to LA county. Just a couple days ago they opened the boxes and found out none of them worked.”

“So rather than complaint about it we decided to ship them from LA and brought them into Silicon Valley and literally within 72 hours all of them are fixed and they’ve already been sent back down to Los Angeles.”

President Trump has attracted criticism last week for demanding gratefulness from each state’s governors or he will refuse to help them.

“We’re not waiting around for the federal government. We need more support but at the end of the day we have to be resourceful in our mindset and our approach and use all the tools in our toolkit,” said Newsom.

Newsom did however thank Trump for sending the naval ship the USNS Mercy which as added 1,000 hospital beds to their over encumbered  medical facilities.

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