The John Rothmann Show: COVID-19 Special Edition Show

Jan Wahl

Palm Sunday Tomorrow – Don’t Go to Church

Grocery stores, exports to China, and the extraordinary lack of leadership we’re seeing. He featured the music of Bill Withers, John Prine, Joe Diffee, and Wallace Roney this evening. Thanks to the C Crane company for sponsoring the show tonight.

President Trump Has No Patience With Detractors

John discusses the most recent firings by Mr. Trump. He featured the music of Joe Diffee, Bill Withers, John Prine, and Wallace Roney this evening. Thanks to the C Crane company for sponsoring the show tonight.

‘I thought he did a terrible job. Absolutely terrible.’

The removal of Captain Crozier will likely have a chilling effect on the willingness of commanders to bring bad news to their superiors.

Hard to Save in the Current Climate

Ken Tumin of Deposit Accounts says consumer savings dropped amid COVID-19 pandemic and about 1 in 6 don’t have any savings.

Know Your Healthcare Rights

Jerry Flanagan of Consumer Watchdog lists 6 tips for COVID-19: know your health care rights.

Retail Workers Have a Tough Time Paying Rent

Jeff Tucker of Zillow discusses how two months without pay pushes many Bay Area food and retail workers to spend more than half of their annual income on rent.

Don’t let the Coronavirus Pandemic Burden Millions of Americans with bad Credit

Sabrina Clevenger, Consumer Fellow with US-PIRG/United States Public Interest Research Group tells John, not to “let the coronavirus pandemic burden millions of Americans with bad credit”.

Credit Card Issuers are Helping Coronavirus-Hit Customers

Matt Schulz of Compare Cards runs down how credit card issuers are offering help to coronavirus-hit customers.

110 Million Entered Outbreak With Credit Card Debt

Ted Rossman, industry analyst with reports 110 million entered coronavirus outbreak with credit card debt.

How to Get Coronavirus-Related Calls Answered

Jeff Stalnaker of First Orion helps ensure coronavirus-related calls get answered.

How to Help Independent Bookstores

Lara Starr of invites listeners to attend virtual events by best-selling authors to benefit independent bookstores.


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