CA Announces Large Expansions to COVID Testing

During today’s daily coronavirus press briefing Governor Gavin Newsom announced 86 new testing sites for COVID-19 as seen in his tweet below.

Newsom explained that back in March, on average there were 2,000 COVID-19 tests given per day. The California government made an announcement aiming to advance to 10,000 tests per day by April 14th. A few days ago there were 14,500 tests given per day and today there are 16,000 tests provided per day.

While that is good news, Newsom believes California can do more. By the end of April, he hopes to be able to provide 25,000 tests per day; with a goal of 60,000 to 80,000 tests per day in the next few months.

With hundreds of testing sites in California, Newsom believes there are 251 core sites making up the backbone of testing residents. When officials asked what the “core sites” are in need of the number one request is swabs.

Governor Newsom said he spoke with President Trump moments before the briefing and explained Californias need for more swabs. In response, Trump said California will receive 100,000 swabs this week, 250,000 swabs next week and should expect to receive a, “Susbstanial increase above 250,000” the following week.

Newsom is remaining committed to having all Californians tested by announcing these new sites which will work on targeting “testing deserts” where people may struggle to gain access to COVID-19 tests. He said the sites will be strategically placed in, “Rural California and deep in urban California to make sure we are truly culturally competent in our testing” as well as in areas that have been hit hard by the virus.

This briefing was the first of Newsom’s promised weekly updates on California’s coronavirus recovery. He will continue his daily press briefings, but will focus on the six key indicators he previously laid out on Wednesdays. The first step of the six is, to, “Monitor and protect communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating & supporting those who are positive or exposed” which he covered in detail today.


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