Newsom Declares Elective Surgeries to Resume in First Easing of State Health Order

Governor Gavin Newsom opened his daily COVID-19 press briefing stating, “You will be left wanting…if you woke up to this discussion [to hear that] we are reopening large sectors of our society, we are not prepared to do that today.” He continued, “I very much look forward to making those announcements and we won’t wait week to week to make those announcements, when we’re ready we will make those announcements in real time.”

However, he did have one large announcement: reintroducing scheduled surges due to, “The need for people to get the kind of care that they deserve.”

During the question and answer portion of the briefing he explained, the surgeries, “Are necessary, but do…require more traditional scheduling, these are not plastic surgeries, these are not surgeries that are cosmestic, these are important medical procedures that if not attended to could become crisis and ultimately burden the rest of the health care system.”

Newsom believes allowing surgeries back into hospitals is a, “Significant health first focus” and to remember the importance of not only caring for the sick, but also providing care to the care givers.

He emphasized returning back to normal should take the shape of a “dimmer, not light switch” and the dial can be turned forward or back in real time. It is still required to shelter-in-place and follow the guidelines provided from authorities.

Newsom will continue to take the necessary steps for protecting Californians and plans to follow the six key indicators he announced last week for modifying the stay-at-home order which include:

  1. Monitor and protect communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating & supporting those who are positive or exposed
  2. Prevent infection in people who are most at risk
  3. Handle surges in the hospital and health systems
  4. Develop therapeutics to meet demand
  5. Ensure businesses, schools, and child care facilities can support physical distancing
  6. Determine when to re-institute certain measures, such as the stay-at-home orders

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