Newsom Announces Four Stages of Modifying Stay-At-Home Orders

Governor Gavin Newsom laid out steps for the reopening of California’s businesses, schools and childcare facilities. He warned, “If we pull back too quickly and we walk away from our incredible commitment to not only bend this curve, but to stop the spread…of this virus it could start a second wave that could be even more damaging than the first and undo all of the good work and progress that you’ve made.”

Dr. Sonia Angell, the director of the Department of Public Health, announced the state will carefully modify the Stay-At-Home orders in four stages.

Stage one: Safety and Preparedness; people need to be, “At home or engaged in the essential work force”. California is continuing to build out testing, PPE, and hospital capacity. We are here now and will stay here until further notice.

Stage two: Lower risk workplaces; opening with adaptations, including: non-essential manufacturing, schools, childcare facilities, retail businesses for curbside pick-up and offices when telework isn’t optional.

Stage three: Higher risk workplaces; opening businesses which require close proximity to other people, including personal care (hair salons, gyms etc), entertainment venues (movie theaters and sporting events without live audiences) and in-person religious services (churches and weddings).

Stage four: End Stay-At-Home order: Reopening highest risk environments and venues (concerts, conventions and live audiences at sporting events)

Newsom explained he is “Deeply sensitive to the needs…of the business community to at least get some clarify and we are trying to provide that over the next few weeks so they can start to plan and look at their own supply chains, look at their own ability to change the physical and environmental conditions in their businesses and look at the guidelines that will be advancing very specifically…sector by sector for guidance on what we can do and what we can’t do at this stage. We’re not going back to the way things were until we get the kind of immunity that all of us look forward to in a vaccine.”

He expressed his concern stating it is necessary to, “Protect not just the business community, but customers of those businesses. [It is] one thing to open a business, but [if] there’s no demand it’s a false promise”

Governor Newsom said we are, “Weeks not months” away from moving from stage one to stage two. However, we are, “Months not weeks” away from stage three and getting to stage four will, “Take some time.” However, he believes, “We do have a framework that we can achieve and we can achieve together”.

Dr. Angel encouraged everyone to, “Be part of the solution: stay home. Practice physical distancing” and explained they are, “Enlisting all Californians to help inform the development of guidance for sectors across our economy.”

Newsom also addressed schools being shut down for the rest of the school year. Even with learning at home there may be learning losses, so the state is considering starting the school year as early as late July or early August, but no decision has been made yet.

He ended the press conference announcing that in the last 24 hours 54 people have passed away from coronavirus which according to Newsom is, “Still too many”, but is only half of last weeks numbers. 276 more people have tested positive for COVID-19 and ICU numbers went down from yesterday. If numbers rise he will adjust modifications in real time.


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