Gavin Newsom Says California is “Days, Not Weeks” Away From Shelter-In-Place Modifications

During Governor Gavin Newsom’s daily COVID-19 press conference he announced new coronavirus numbers and programs to help society return to “normal”.

To start, he reminded listeners of a child care program announced yesterday that was two decades in the making. The new portal allows people to type in their zip code and find a close pop up child care location; including available slots, hours, size, guidelines passed, and more. In order to, “Make sure that everybody has equitable access to high-quality child care in this state” 432 child care facilities have been strategically placed throughout California to help the 63% of child care sites that have been impacted.

This is only one of the many services the government is working on to help protect essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been 173,000 wellness checks and 78,000 free or deeply discounted room nights for front line workers.

Newsom announced that in the last 48 hours two additional planes flew into California carrying 5.2 million N95 masks. Since then, 5.1 million masks have been distributed, creating a total of over 8 million masks distributed in the last few days. He expressed that PPE (personal protective equipment) is fundamental in reopening our economy, but the state still has a lot of work to do to get more PPE.

With sadness, Newsom explained California has lost over 2,000 people due to coronavirus, 91yesterday alone. Additionally, ICU numbers were flat, hospitalizations were down 2% and in relationship to the ICU people under investigation (PUI) dropped 13.9%.

In the state of California, over 655,000 tests have been conducted and over 50,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19. The state is averaging over 25,000 tests a day, 30,000 yesterday, which is on schedule, but Newsom did acknowledge that testing can be, “Fleeting and challenging” based on supplies, etc.

Although the numbers are large, in regards to altering the stay-at-home order Newsom believes we are, “Many days, not weeks as long as we continue to be prudent and thoughtful in certain modifications.”

Since March 12th, 3.9 million people have filed for unemployment insurance and 340,000 people signed up for PUA. $7.5 billion has been distributed and the state is currently working as “quickly as we humanly can” to distribute more guidance and money.

“This time last week we are now 50% greater in terms of our engagement than we were a week ago even with the volume increasing,” Newsom said.

Ending the conference he said he is, “Getting very very close to making some announcements that I think will be very meaningful to people in the retail sector, hospitality sector, yes that includes in that second phase restaurants again with serious modifications”.

Teams of people are working internally and externally looking at each business to figure out where augmentations can be made and reminded people, “We’re driven by data, we’re driven by health and we’re driven by good guidance”.


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