Newsom Announces California Will Enter Stage 2 of Ending Shelter-In-Place Friday

Governor Gavin Newsom said there will be adjustments to the shelter-in-place guidelines released this Thursday to start on Friday.

He said, “We are entering into the next phase this week…with modifications, we will allow retail to start operating across the spectrum.” But, he continued it, “Has to be done in a very thoughtful and judicious’s a health first focus.”

The detailed guidelines are in his tweet below:

Newsom expressed the importance of curbside pickup to help make people feel comfortable because, “You don’t open your economy without customers that are willing and feel confident and safe”.

He confirmed the data says modifications can happen, but not everyone agrees. He explained, “We are not telling locals that feel it’s too soon, too fast, to modify. We believe those local communities that have separate timelines should be afforded the capacity to advance those timelines.”

He then used the Bay Area as an example. He said if counties such as the ones located in the Bay Area, “Choose not to come into compliance with the state guidelines they have that right.”

On the other end of the spectrum, if more rural parts of the state want to go even further than Newsom’s suggested adjusted guidelines he, “Will afford them that right with conditions and modifications”.

If the counties want to move faster they have to submit a readiness plan; a county public health officer needs to demonstrate to the state how they would respond if there was an outbreak after reopening.

He reminded everyone that, “None of us are immune or isolated from people traveling [in and out] of these communities, back and forth.” Therefore, rules will vary county by county and if numbers change for the worse between today and Thursday, businesses will not reopen Friday.

Dr. Sonia Angela, the California department of public health director said the, “Data is only a reflection of all of the hard work, all of us here in California have done.”

She emphasized as these modifications occur we need to keep four things in mind: “Ensure our ability to care for the sick within our hospitals, prevent infection in people who are at high risk for severe disease, build the capacity to protect the health and well-being of the public, and reduce social, emotional and economic disruptions”


On hand today, the state has 18.2 million masks, 5.8 million face shields, 7.2 million gloves, and have ordered hundreds of millions of surgical masks and n-95 masks. The state will distribute everything they have as they already did with 45.3 million n-95 masks.

Newsom ended the conference thanking people as an, “Overwhelming majority of you are doing the right thing and I cannot wait to make more announcements in the days and weeks”.


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