California is Preparing to Enter Phase Two of Reopening the State

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the state is preparing to enter phase two in reopening the state thanks to the millions of Californians who have successfully socially distanced.

He explained there will be tracers deployed throughout California to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Tracing includes: staying in contact with COVID-19 patients, making sure they remain negative, collecting names of who the patients have been near, testing those people, and if they are positive, quarantining for 14 days.

The state currently has 3,000 tracers, is aiming to have 10,000 in phase one and 20,000 within two months. The tracers will help the state move through phases quicker and easier.

Newsom expressed he wants to start to rebuild the economy, but explained reopening businesses is a supply chain issue, not just a customer-facing issue. In order not to backtrack, he said, “We have to maintain the core construct of our stay at home orders and make sure that we are appropriately doing the social distancing and the physical distancing that is necessary at this moment, particularly as we move into this new phase where that behavior becomes even more essential because we put more and more people at risk as we begin to open things back up. “

“I cannot impress upon people more that we’re not going back to normal, it’s back to a new normal with adaptations and modifications until we get to immunity, until we get to a vaccine,” Newsom continued.

The governor believes we will get there, what matters is what people do between now and then. To help get there, California has distributed 14.2 million procedure masks and currently has an inventory of 19.3 masks, which Newsom said will be distributed, “As soon as we can”.

During the first round of PPP (Paycheck Protection Program), $33.4 billion distributed in California, so far 60% into the second round, $33.2 billion has already been pulled. California is responsible for 11.2% of all loans in America. Over 10 billion people have filed for unemployment insurance since March 15th.

100,000 people were tested for the virus in California yesterday, creating a total of 780,000 people tested in the state of California so far. Newsom said if they were releasing a report card today it would be “slightly stronger” than yesterday allowing the state to make modest, but meaningful modifications.

Newsom continued to summarize the updates as you can read in his tweet below.


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