The John Rothmann Show: Line of Duty Status and Trumps Visit to a Face Mask Factory While Not Wearing a Mask

Will Colleges Survive? The NY Democratic Primary Is Back

Will colleges reopen soon or face financial ruin? Also, a judge has ordered New York to reinstate its Democratic presidential primary in June.

Line of Duty Status

Coronavirus poses a tough question: Did NYC essential workers die in the line of duty?

Do you think that a frontline worker who dies should receive that benefit.

You Can’t Make This Up!

President Trump visited an Arizona face mask factory Tuesday, using the trip to demonstrate his determination to see an easing of stay-at-home orders even as the coronavirus remains a dire threat. Trump did not wear a mask despite guidelines saying they should be worn inside the factory at all times.

President Trump tweeted on Tuesday that he may condition federal aid to states battling the coronavirus on those states eliminating sanctuary cities, payroll taxes, and capital-gains taxes.


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