Newsom Signed Executive Order For All California Voters to Receive Mail-In Ballots

Governor Gavin Newsom announced he signed an executive order today that, “Will allow every registered voter in the state of California to receive a mail-in ballot” for the upcoming November election.

Newsom said this is an important, but not exclusive substitute that will make voting easier and more accessible as many people may have reservations going to traditional polling stations.

Newsom says 70% of the economy can reopen with modifications but, “With modifications means with restrictions and with those restrictions means the struggle for businesses to get back to where they were before the pandemic.”

“Just because you announce…people can do curbside pickup… doesn’t mean that customers are confident and comfortable yet, doesn’t mean that [businesses] are operating with the total number of employees there once were or the kind of revenue and receipts they were used to, quite the contrary,” he continued.

Newsom encouraged people to, “Do everything we can to help these businesses, not thrive yet, but to survive,” he continued, to “Look out for your neighborhood florist, look out for your neighborhood business, they need your support, they haven’t gotten the kind of support they deserve, you will be determinative if they survive” Newsom explained.

The state is currently distributing two million masks to farmers, half a million masks to small groceries across the state, and hundreds of thousands of masks to other workers. Newsom made it clear the state is not neglecting medical staff, as they are still sending out millions of masks to nurses, nursing homes, medical staff, etc. The state has 31.7 million procedure masks in inventory, ready to be sent out.

875,000 tests have been done in California including 32,000 in the last 24 hours. Newsom addressed the state still has a lot more work to do in the testing deserts, but have made progress.

Providing viewers with daily numbers: 1,898 new individuals tested positive and 81 people died yesterday. Hospitalizations, ICU, and PUI numbers all went down.

But, the coronavirus is not behind us. As long as 40 million people keep doing their part physical distancing and wearing face coverings, “We will be deeper into this next phase sooner than most people believe,” said Newsom.

Newsom will make more announcements next Tuesday on guidelines including checklists for making the pick-up and drop-off process easier.



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