Hundreds of Goats Escape, Run Amok in San Jose

When everyone is stuck at home and you’re on your third watch through of everything new on Netflix the bar for entertainment can be set pretty low. Regardless of the current circumstances a heard of hundreds of goats jailbreaking and causing a mild wake of destruction in a San Jose neighborhood clears that bar readily.

Tuesday evening, San Jose local Zach Roelands posted a video of hundreds of goats roaming his neighborhood. Reportedly they broke out of the area that they were being kept in and started eating everything in sight. While neighbors, and even neighborhood dogs, attempted to shoo away the unlikely pests the goats could not help but stop to snack on rose bushes and other tasty treats along the way.

Goat Grazing Programs have become more and more common in California over the last decade as a biological control method to mitigate flammable brush and cull invasive plant species. The honorary firefighters/conservationists however were not too welcome once they had escaped. Roelands bemoaned his now wrecked law in a follow up tweet.

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