The John Rothmann Show: Dr. Bright, Gov. Newsom and Gov. Evers Opinions on Reopening the Economy

Do You Believe Dr. Bright?

Bright says we need to hear the truth. Whose truth?

Is Gavin Newsom Right or Wrong?

Newsom earned Californians’ respect by his initial responses to the pandemic. His decision to ignore his own science-based criteria for reopening the state risks breaking that trust.

Are We the Wild Wild West?

Governor Evers and his staff had created a seven-item criteria for what the state needed to do before beginning a phased opening of business and social institutions; six of those seven had been met.

Then the Supreme Court decided to throw it all overboard and, along with it, any chance of a measured approach to a potential calamity.

Within hours of that ruling we started seeing photos of crowded taverns. What possibly could go wrong.


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