Newsom Skips Daily Presser to Scrub Away Graffiti with Protesters

Video: Stevante Clark

Gavin Newsom was notably absent from his daily presser today, what was he doing? Scrubbing graffiti outside the capital building.

The Governor of California appeared on Stevante Clark’s Facebook Live today who lead a group of protesters through downtown Sacramento Monday. After vandals and looters had damaged parts of Sacramento, a group of protesters from the previous day, including The Governor, took it upon themselves to clean up the mess.

Stevante is the brother of Stephon Clark who was shot 20 times by Sacramento Police in 2018 when police reportedly though his cellphone was a gun. The excessive use of force by police drew national attention and caused large protesting at the State’s Capitol which resulted in reforms to the city’s body cam and use of force policies. Monday’s march was also in his honor.

Since then Stevante has taken up local politics and become a member of an advisory board to oversee the funds of local tax policy Measure U. Newsom praised Clark’s leadership and said that the world needed more people like him.

Newsom continued to scrub away the afternoon after echoing his sentiments of fundamental change that he voiced on Monday.


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