SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin Launches Program to Help Those Affected by Police Violence

Tuesday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that San Francisco’s District Attorney would be launching a program to financially help those affected by police violence.

GoFundMe is an online crowdfunding platform where individuals, groups, or organizations can share their stories with the public and anyone can provide donations. The donation requests range from medical bills to graduation ceremonies. As more people are spreading awareness of the injustices people of color face, more people have started GoFundMe’s to support those in need. Although the GoFundMe’s are a wonderful effort, Boudin does not believe people should have to rely on them.

During a news conference on Tuesday, Boudin explained, “People are left to fend for themselves because law enforcement rarely, if ever, writes a police report that lists a decedent, or the person who was injured, as a victim.”

In the Chronicle’s report Gena Castro Rodriguez, head of victim services at the district attorney’s office, said police misconduct cases have traditionally denied victims access to funding because of exclusion and contribution clauses in California state law.

“What we’re interested in today in San Francisco is amending that in our city, so that victims of those kinds of crimes have access to the same resources as everyone else who’s the victim of a crime,” Rodriguez said. “We know that compensation is only one step in recovery, but it’s an important step, especially for people who are low-income and working-class.”

District Attorney Boudin expressed the policy would not require official charges leveled against a police officer and that the charges will not stop prosecutors from filing charges for resisting arrest or assaulting a peace officer when warranted.


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