Mountain Lion Spotted Blocks Away From KGO Studio

One benefit of the shelter-in-place for us here at KGO: We don’t have to worry about coming across a mountain lion on our way home from the office.

Normally, the possibility of that would be remote, but it wasn’t on Monday night, when a sub-adult lion was seen wandering on Front Street along the Embarcadero, a few blocks away from KGO’s North Beach studios. It was also spotted at Greenwich and Jones in Russian Hill.

“It’s highly unusual behavior for mountain lions who are normally very avoidant and shy,” Zara McDonald, a biologist with the Bay Area Puma Project told ABC7. “One thing I noticed from the two videos is that this is a young sub-adult so it is not an adult lion. So most likely it came from the open space South of San Francisco where we have been tracking mountain lions and their movements for the last several years.”

McDonald said the cat is likely lost and trying to make it’s way back south.

This is not the first strange animal sighting in our neck of the woods during the shelter-in-place. A coyote appeared to be stalking a couple and their small dog in March near the Embarcadero.

Maybe we’ll all stay home just a little while longer.


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