Libby Schaaf fires back at Donald Trump after president says living in Oakland is ‘like living in hell’

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Donald Trump locked horns again as he says living in her city is “like living in hell.”

Trump, who is known to use Twitter as a shooting range, took aim this time in his recent interview with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity. However, the Oakland Mayor used Twitter to fire back after the President’s comments.

“Take a look at what’s happening in Detroit. Take a look at what’s happening in Oakland. Take a look at what’s happening in Baltimore,” said Trump. “Everyone gets upset when I say it. Everyone is saying, ‘Oh, is that a racist statement?’ It’s not a racist [statement.] Frankly, black people come up to me and say, ‘Thank you. Thank you sir for saying it.’ These cities, it’s like living in hell.”

Schaaf responded in a brief statement and encouraged people to vote.

“Hell is another four years of this racist in the White House. #Vote #ElectionsMatter.”

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who represents the East Bay and the City of Oakland, also rebuked the comments in a tweet.

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