The John Rothmann Show: Removing Statues and Renaming Controversial Buildings

Movies for Pride with Jan Wahl

John talks with San Francisco Bay Times Movie Reviewer Jan Wahl about some of the most remarkable movies to celebrate LGBTQ Pride.

Trump and the troops

John takes on the revelation that President Trump did nothing after finding out that Russia was paying the Taliban to kill Coalition Forces.

No Money for Trump’s Wall

John talks about the court that decided that the President’s move to pilfer the defense budget for his wall is illegal.

Hate Crimes and Renaming Things

John talks about how the state of Georgia is finally passing hate crimes legislation and John Wayne Airport could be the newest public building looking for another name. He takes your calls.

To Mask or Not to Mask?

John takes your calls about whether mask deniers are creating an enormous spike in Covid-19 cases.

Statues of Lincoln

Officials in Boston and Washington D.C. are considering removing and replacing a couple of controversial statues of Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave. John discusses the issue and takes your calls.

COVID-19 Latest

John shares some of the latest news about the Covid-19 pandemic and takes your calls on everything from wearing masks, to sheltering in place, to nationwide spikes in the disease.

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