The John Rothmann Show: Franklin Graham on Fauci, Tesla & Racism

Tesla Fires, Newsom Backpedals & Oklahoma Expands Medicaid

Tesla fires 3 workers for staying home to protect their families. Gov. Newsom announces new restrictions in 19 counties. Oklahoma becomes the first state to expand Medicaid during the pandemic.

“Science Isn’t Truth…God Is.” WHAT?

Evangelical leader and fervent Trump worshipper Franklin Graham has taken to Facebook to denounce Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, for speaking about the anti-science bias that has been fomenting on the right for years now. “Science isn’t truth. God is,” the conservative mouthpiece declared. Graham, the son of the famous evangelical preacher Billy Graham, is not actually a minister.

Racism: Is it Alive and Well?

Listeners respond to a caller who stated that black lives don’t matter to the black community.


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