San Francisco Pauses Reopening Due to COVID-19 Rise

Mayor London Breed and Director of Health Dr. Grant Colfax announced today San Francisco will temporarily pause the city’s reopening. Indoor dining and outdoor bars were set to open on July 13th, but due to due to a rise in COVID-19 transmission, cases and hospitalizations in San Francisco the leaders altered plans.

Breed continued tweeting, “Unfortunately the increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in SF, and large spikes throughout CA and the country, have made it so our public health experts feel it is not safe to move forward with the reopenings that were scheduled for next Monday, including indoor dining.”

In the official press release, Dr. Colfax explained, “When we examine the health indicators, the regional picture, and what we are learning about the reproductive rate of COVID-19 in our community, we are forced to conclude that it would not be responsible to move forward with indoor dining or outdoor bars on Monday,”

He continued, “We understand the importance of planning for businesses, and the urgent need that all residents have to get back to work and the new normal. However, the virus has no timeline and spreads quickly when people gather, and we must do everything we can to slow the spread. We also know that safely reopening San Francisco, with a healthy population and a renewed economy, is still possible as long as we all do our part.”

Joaquín Torres, Director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development, explained doing our part means, “Every single day counts now, and it’s up to all of us to protect San Francisco’s safety and economy. If we take simple, personal precautions – wear a face covering, wash our hands frequently and keep socially distant – we can quickly, collectively slow the spread, and get back to the important business of reopening.”

Today alone in San Francisco there have been 4,020 new cases, 68 hospitalizations, 13 transfers from other counties, and sadly 50 people have died due to coronavirus.

San Francisco has not officially joined Contra Costa, Marin and Solano on the state watch list, but the city is taking necessary precautions so cases do not continue to spread. Phase 2b and 2c in the Reopening of San Francisco have been paused. Phase 2b was originally scheduled for June 29th to reopen:

“Business (not open yet, but see preliminary guidance)

Culture and recreation

  • Indoor museums (with approved plans)
  • Zoos and aquariums (with approved plans)
  • Outdoor swimming pools”

Phase 2c was scheduled for July 13 to reopen:


  • Indoor dining
  • Outdoor bars

The mayor’s release states, “The gradual reopening of local businesses has been on pause since June 26 and will resume when the data indicate that conditions have improved.”


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