The John Rothmann Show: Trump on Masks, Mural Problems, & Senate Standards

Trump Reverses Course on Masks

John discusses President Trump embracing masks finally and whether he deserves credit for flip flopping on masks.

Redwood City’s Street Mural Problems

Redwood City has painted over it’s “Black Lives Matter” street mural after a Trump supporter asked to paint “MAGA 2020” on the street. Should city officials have caved or held strong? John takes your calls.

Portland Protests and Military Base Names

John talks about the continued use of Trump’s secret police in American cities and the fallout. Also, Trump is threatening to veto a bill that would force the renaming of military facilities with Confederate monikers.

A Senate with No Standards

John isn’t happy that the senate is set to confirm a woman to the Federal Reserve Board who thinks a return to the gold standard is a good idea. He tells you why its a bad idea and takes your calls.

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