The John Rothmann Show: Trump Listens to a Controversial Doctor & Allegedly Breaks the Law

AP Photo / Patrick Semansky

Stella! Stella! Stella!

The president is pushing the coronavirus theories of a Houston doctor who also says sexual visitations by demons and alien DNA are at the root of Americans’ common health concerns.


Democrats launched a full-scale assault against Attorney General William Barr at the House Judiciary Committee hearing, clashing with Barr repeatedly as the hearing jolted from topic to topic.

Trump Violates Election Law

A nonpartisan watchdog filed a complaint with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) on Tuesday alleging President Trump’s reelection campaign broke the law by “laundering” $170 million in spending in an effort to conceal payments to people close to the Trump family and campaign.

The World Reacts to Erdogan

The conversion of the Hagia Sophia to a mosque has handed right-wingers in non-Muslim nations an excuse and impetus to demonise Islam.

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