Project HomeKey: Governor Newsom Announces the 3rd Round of Grants


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Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced a third round of Homekey grants to help those experiencing homelessness.

Within the $600 million to purchase motels and housing for homeless individuals, $450 million has abeen awarded to create over 3,300 units. The third round $137 million will provide 938 units and 19 projects in 15 jurisdictions.

Last Monday, Governor Newsom shared Project Homekey’s second round of grants providing $236 million for 1,810 units and 20 projects in 12 jurisdictions, and one tribe.

“The homeless crisis in this state deserves similar attention and resolve and approach [as COVID-19 and the California wildfires],” said Newsom during the press conference.

During his press conference, Newsom awarded the following:

Lake County: Interim housing with exits to permanent housing

Tulare County: Shelter conversion to permanent supportive housing

Tehama County: Interim housing with job training

Mariposa County: Seniors & individuals with disability

Del Norte County: Motel conversion

Los Angeles: 5 projects, 269 units

Long Beach: 100 units

Santa Barbara: Office conversion to permanent housing with wraparound services

Scotts Valley Band or Pomo Indians: Multifamily residential property acquisition

Stockton: Motel conversion

Alameda: Permanent supportive housing

Sutter: Move-in ready hotel

Humboldt: Motel conversion to supportive housing units

Newsom also announced an additional $200 million in HomeKey funding. The money, originally from “unallocated COVID-19” fund will work to clear the waitlist, or get close to clearing the list with 20+ more projects to provide housing.

“Shelters, we believe, solve sleep, housing and supportive services solves homelessness,” said Newsom.

Earlier this month, Governor Newsom signed an eviction bill to ban evictions for rent non-payment until February 1, 2021, as an attempt to help those struggling to pay rent during the ongoing pandemic. Many local leaders encouraged their support for AB1845.

“With the emergence of COVID-19, and using history as our guide, we must acknowledge that it is our statewide structure for combating homelessness that bottlenecks our every attempt to respond to the growing crisis. We must turn the corner, we must be bold, we must be willing to look back and say we did everything we could to respond to this pandemic and human crisis. We cannot afford to look back and say, ‘We could’ve, should’ve, would’ve’ responded differently. We owe it to all Californians to do everything possible to lead our way out of this human crisis. We need AB1845.” Reported Mayor Libby Schaaf and Mayor Michael Tubbs via the SF Chronicle.

Watch Newsom’s full press conference here.


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