The Pat Thurston Show: How the world of work may change forever due to coronavirus

Photo credit: You X Ventures via Unsplash

The coronavirus pandemic has essentially taken over the world since March, completely shaking society in every way possible.

Most non-essential worker’s new commute is only to another room in their house and masks are an everyday norm. Big tech companies such as Google and Facebook have said they will not bring employees back to the office until July 2021.

Pat Thurston asks both Kim McCallister and listeners how they think COVID-19 will continue to change the world of the workweek. In an attempt to help economies recover from the coronavirus pandemic, Pat reports some countries in the European Union are discussing the option to adopt a four-day workweek. Work hours have not changed since the 1980s but in theory, with improvements available, the hours should be shorter. Pat weighs the pros and cons of a four-day workweek: positives including less emission from cars on the road and more time with children while negatives include a potential decrease in pay and challenges for businesses that need to be open every day.

Listen to Pat’s conversation below.

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