The John Rothmann Show: Trump administration bailed out prominent anti-vaxxer groups

AP Photo Alex Brandon

Should former president Trump get intelligence briefings?

Like every president, Donald Trump has access to the nation’s most sensitive and highly classified intelligence. But what’s less widely known is that Trump, like his predecessors, will continue to have access to intelligence briefings and sensitive secrets, even after exiting the White House. There are intensifying calls to make sure he doesn’t.

Should Trump be tried for what he has done?

Some senators are saying it is unconstitutional to convict a former president.

The Trump administration bailed out prominent anti-vaxxer groups

According to a new report, multiple anti-vaccine organizations have received more than $850K in loans from the federal Paycheck Protection Program installed to provide relief to companies amid the coronavirus pandemic. The groups were able to obtain the loans despite being vehicles for misinformation regarding vaccines, an effort that empowers distrust in immunizations as the government attempts to vaccinate millions of Americans against COVID-19 to slow the pandemic.

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