The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro: The media’s role in the Trump uprising

Alex Wong / Getty Images

Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah joins Nikki Medoro Monday morning to share her thoughts on the media’s role in the Trump uprising.

Attiah tells Medoro about the, “Star-crossed love affair between the media and Trump,” noting, “Sometimes we forget that Trump has been in our public consciousness in the media in many ways, in movies, in television, in reality TV for decades now…his outlandish remarks were seen as a spectacle. It drove clicks, it drove ratings….because people were so either shocked or enthralled, but you couldn’t take your eyes off the Trump show”

After four years of Trump’s presidency and decades of his personal rants Attiah explained, “The media still seems unwilling or unable to reform itself. There have been no major efforts as an industry to systematically examine the role we played in America’s journey to the brink.”

Listen to the full conversation between Karen Attiah and Nikki Medoro below.

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