The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro: Is CA fighting covid-19 effectively and efficiently?

AP Photo / Chris O’Meara

Dr. John Swartzberg, University of California Berkeley School of Public Health infectious disease expert, checks in with Nikki Medoro Wednesday morning to discuss California’s fight against coronavirus.

Swartzberg, a clinical professor emeritus at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, tells Nikki about fighting covid effectively and efficiently. Referring to healthcare professionals ongoing coronavirus learning curve, Swartzberg said, “We have done so much better in saving people’s lives in the last six months of this pandemic than we did in the first six months”

Sharing his concerns for California reopening, Swartzberg explains,

“In early June the United States was averaging about 20,000 new cases a day. In the end of October, we were averaging about 40,000 new cases a day. Up until a couple weeks ago we were averaging close to 220,000 cases a day. So, we’re still close to 190,000 – 200,000 cases a day here in the United States. We’re climbing this mountain and we take two steps forward and one back…I hope the governor was right in making the changes when he did, but my gut tells me that I would have liked to seen him wait a few more weeks [to loosen coronavirus restrictions].”

Listen to the full conversation between Dr. John Swartzberg and Nikki Medoro below.

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