Michael Finney: February 6, 2021


Producer Lara Starr shares her story of getting a payout in a  Magazine Subscription Auto-Renew Class Action Suit

Yudhijit Bhattacharjee of the New York Times asks Who’s Making All Those Scam Calls?

CPA Wendy Barlin says 44% Commit Financial Infidelity and has 3 Tips To Avoid It

Ken Tumin of DepositAccounts.com says Historic Low in Online Savings/CD Yields, but warns The Bottom May Be Near


Jennifer Doss of CardRatings.com answers the question, Is it a Good Time to Apply for a Credit Card?

Joe Ridout, Director of Communications for the Knight Law Group explains the recent Tesla Recall Skirmish

David Shapiro, CEO of Cartelligent offers a guide to the Big Game Cars Ads: Choosing the Best Deals This Spring

Terry Stenzel, VP and General Manager of AT&T Northern California offers a 5G 101 for Consumers

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