The John Rothmann Show: Suppressed COVID Tests, Book Deals and Extremism

Drew Angerer / Getty Images

How the GOP Surrendered to Extremism

Trump Team Suppressed COVID Tests and Weakened CDC Guidance to Protect the President According to a New Report

New documents from a House investigation point to more political interference from a Trump adviser notorious for his “We want them infected” advice to top HHS officials.

Mike Pence and others are negotiating lucrative book deals about the Trump administration.

Would you buy a copy?

Deal to reopen CA schools could be reached as soon as this week.

John’s Book mentions:
Turmoil and Triumph: Diplomacy, Power, and the Victory of the American Deal Kindle Edition by George P. Shultz

Reagan at Reykjavik: Forty-Eight Hours That Ended the Cold War Hardcover by Ken Adelman

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