The Chip Franklin Show: Texas to Open Up – At What Price?

AP Photo / Chris O’Meara

Texas to Open Up – At What Price?

Chip says it’s no time to abandon what’s been working.

January 6th Riots and Domestic Terrorism

ABC News Correspondent. Andy Field reports that FBI Director Chris Wray is condemning the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol as “domestic terrorism.”

Texan’s Reactions to Reversal of Mask Mandate

Chip talks with Al Farb from a sister station 96.3 in Dallas / Fort Worth –  What has local reaction been to the Governor’s lifting of social distancing and mask wearing guidelines?

Chip vs Independents

What did Chip say that lit up the phone lines? Hear it here.

FBI to Focus on White Supremacy

National Security Reporter Devlin Barrett has the latest on what FBI Director Christopher Wray shared in hearings today.

Tragic Crash In California Bordertown Kills 15

Ever notice how stories are reported when it’s not white people who are affected? Chip alks about the reasons behind why 24 people would have been in an SUV at 6:15AM a 2 minute drive from the Mexican border. One caller fears his friend may have been involved.


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