The Mark Thompson Show: Richard Greene the Civics Dean on HR1

AP Photo / Mary Altaffer

Richard Greene, The Civics Dean, joins The Mark Thompson Show Thursday morning to discuss his predictions for minimum wage, the future of democracy, and HR1.

“The Civics Dean” is a political communication strategist and a former attorney and “Civics Educator” and author of “WTF are ‘The Midterms’?” He studied Civics (and Law) so you didn’t have to.

Green explains the importance of HR1 as Republican trifectas try to stop early voting, mail in voting and much more as they are, “Trying as hard as they can, in these states, to restrict the ability of black people and brown people and young people to vote.”

“The bigger problem, legislatively, is we’re about to be at the end of democracy as we know it and this is a prediction…Unless we undo some part of the filibuster to pass HR1 in the United States Senate, and probably also the John Lewis voting rights act the Republican states are going to so change election laws such that Democrats, honestly Mark, will not win House races, Senate races, or presidential races for the rest of this decade.”

Listen to the full conversation between Greene and Thompson below.

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