The Chip Franklin Show: Jailing Journalists, Voting Rights, Capitol Hill Police

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Jailing Journalists…Is It 1984 Again?

Journalist Brian Karem and reporter Stephanie Sugars, from the Press Freedom Tracker shed light on the disturbing trend of attacking not just journalism, but journalists, themselves as an intimidation tactic.

Voting Rights Under Assault

Chris Kieser with Pacific Legal offers conservative pushback.

Capitol Hill Police Request Extension for National Guard

National Security Reporter Dan Lamothe explains the implications of this.

Qanon, Putin, Christians vs Trans Rights

Chip covers a lot of ground, callers chime in.

Dr. Dena

Dr. Dena Grayson answers questions about gender in addition to the latest on Covid-19 vaccinations.

Where to Wear a Mask in Texas

ABC Correspondent Alex Stone reports that companies like Kroger, HEB, Macy’s, and Target have said they will still require masks in their stores despite the states removing mandates because their goal is to keep customers and staff safe.

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