The Chip Franklin Show: Botched Batches of Johnson & Johnson

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Botched Batches of Johnson & Johnson

How will this affect you? ABC News Correspondent Andy Field joins The Chip Franklin Show to explain.

“The bottom line is…anyone who has gotten the Johnson & Johnson is fine, none of any vaccine that has gotten out there is from this lab. Number two, anyone who is scheduled to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine does not need to worry because none of the stuff got out of this laboratory, so that’s the good news.” Said Andy Field.

The White House ordered more vaccines than they can actually use so they would be prepared for situations similar to this. Explaining the process Field said, “[If there was a] break in the supply chain, they would have redundant ways of making this stuff so they could still get [the vaccine] out there. So it shows that some of this preplanning is working, it’s just unfortunate that this one particular company had this issue.”

“Bringing it up is important, but it’s also important to say that if you’ve had a Johnson & Johnson or you’re planning on getting one you are fine, this is just going to slow everything down a bit.” Chip concluded.

Listen to the full conversation below.

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