The Chip Franklin Show: CA COVID-19 Cases Lowest in Nation

CA Covid Cases Lowest in Nation

Amy Graff, SF Gate News Editor, joins The Chip Franklin Show to explain what California’s doing right to avoid a 4th wave.

“I think that experts will be analyzing [why California’s numbers are so low] for decades to come…I think that we will find that we did a lot right in California and especially in the Bay Area, we’ve been generally good about wearing our masks and social distancing. We have good research hospitals that have really helped a lot and gotten the right information out. While the vaccine rollout might have been bumpy at first it’s really speed up,” explained Graff.

As of April 18, over 1 in 4 Californians are now fully vaccinated, Newsom tweeted. If you have not had a vaccine yet and are eligible, sign up here.

The LA Times reported California’s COVID-19 case rate is the lowest in the continental U.S. due to, “months of hard-won progress against the pandemic in the aftermath of the state’s devastating fall-and-winter surge.”

The achievement is exciting, but the CDC continues to urge everyone to avoid crowds and wear masks.

“We’re a ways away still,” UCSF’s Dr. George Rutherford said. “I think for the next couple months, we’re going to have this kind of awkward situation where some people are vaccinated but not enough people vaccinated to guarantee herd immunity.”

Listen to Chip Franklin’s segment below.

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