KGO Hosts React: Bill Cosby is released from prison

Comedian Bill Cosby, center, and spokesperson Andrew Wyatt, right, approach members of the media gathered outside Cosby’s home in Elkins Park, Pa., Wednesday, June 30, 2021, after Pennsylvania’s highest court overturned his sex assault conviction. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Bill Cosby was released from prison Wednesday after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 conviction for sexual assault, a dramatic reversal in one of the first high-profile criminal trials of the #MeToo era.

KGO hosts John Rothmann, Chip Franklin, Nikki Medoro and Pat Thurston talk to news correspondents and listeners about the shocking news.

He was released!

John Rothmann discusses Bill Cosby’s release from prison and what it means as one of the first high-profile criminal trials of the #MeToo era.

Why Is Bill Cosby Breathing Free Air?

ABC’s Mark Remillard has the latest Bill Cosby news on The Chip Franklin Show.

Outrage over Bill Cosby being released from prison

Questions still surround how Bill Cosby can walk free after admitting he drugged and raped women over many decades, Nikki reviews the outrage with callers on The Morning Show with Nikki Medoro.

Women getting unfair treatment, Britney Spears and Bill Cosby victims

Nikki Medoro and callers voice their frustration over judge’s ruling against Britney Spears’ plea for independence and control over her own estate, as well as Bill Cosby’s sexual assault victims. What do women have to do to get a fair shake?

David Katz joins The Pat Thurston Show to discuss the latest on Bill Cosby

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