KGO Hosts React: Judgement Day for Governor Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom smiles while speaking at a rally ahead of the California gubernatorial recall election Monday, Sept. 13, 2021, in Long Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

It’s Election Day in California, where voters are deciding the recall fate of Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The ballot features two questions. The first question asks voters whether or not to recall Newsom. The second gives voters a choice between more than 40 candidates about who should replace him, if he is recalled.

While many have already voted early by mail or in person — ballots arrived in the mailboxes of every registered California voter last month — others will cast their ballots Tuesday.

KGO Hosts Chip Franklin, Pat Thurston, Nikki Medoro analyze the impact of this judgement day for Governor Gavin Newsom.

Shawn Hubler, NY Times California Politics Reporter, joins The Chip Franklin Show to discuss how we’ll look back on the recall and how the nation views California’s political process.

Chip Franklin – ABC News correspondent, Alex Stone Between addressing the wildfire situation in the West and the recall campaign against Governor Newsom, President Biden has a full schedule.

Pat Thurston – The California Recall And Its Very Real Political Consequences

Nikki Medoro – Judgement Day for Governor Gavin Newsom

As California voters decide today if Governor Gavin Newsom gets to keep his job, callers tell the Morning Show with Nikki Medoro how they voted and why; sharing their frustrations and satisfaction with state leadership through the pandemic.


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