The Future Looks Blue According to Chip Franklin

NY Governor’s Press Office via AP, File

Welcome to KGO in 8:10, a podcast for exclusive, not-on-the radio comments, thoughts, opinions, and stories. We know you’re busy and have countless options when it comes to choosing podcasts, so each of our podcasts in this series will last 8-minutes and 10-seconds.

As a fan of KGO, you’ll get to hear from our five talented and veteran hosts discussing subjects that for a variety of reasons, don’t make it on the air. Some may be too personal while some may be too controversial. You’ll have to give us 8-minutes and 10-seconds to find out.

On Chip’s first episode of KGO in 8:10, he shares his insights from a recent interview, his thoughts on a Vaccine Mandate, and why the future looks blue, stating:

“Vaccine mandates are an important part of solving this puzzle and if you think not getting vaccinating just puts your life at risk, well, you’re ignorant.”

Listen below to hear the complete podcast.

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