KGO Hosts React: The Problem with the Infrastructure Bill

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(CNN) – President Joe Biden’s $4 trillion bid to change America is in genuine danger as deep divides among Democrats threaten to gut his domestic agenda and demoralize the party before congressional elections that could hand power to Donald Trump’s Republicans.

Biden is trying to spend huge sums to hand more of the spoils of America’s rich economy to working and middle-income Americans. In a plan that some Republican senators support, he is pushing $1 trillion to mend roads, bridges and transportation systems. A separate $3.5 trillion spending blueprint, opposed by the GOP, would provide universal Pre-K, improve home health care for sick and elderly Americans, add hearing and dental benefits to Medicare and transform the economy to battle global warming. The first package enjoys wide popular support — and the broader one has had small majority support in some recent polls.

The high stakes help explain why Biden’s struggle to enact his ambitious agenda is about more than a legislative wrangle and why it seems unbelievable to outsiders that the biggest roadblock comes from Democrats rather than Republicans.

After Biden admitted Friday that his big infrastructure and spending plans had hit a “stalemate,” Democrats spent the weekend battling over the scope, cost and timing and the corporate and individual tax hikes for the wealthy needed to pay for measures that will define the President’s term.

KGO hosts Pat Thurston, Chip Franklin, John Rothmann and Nikki Medoro share thier opinions on the infamous infrastructure bill.

Pat Thurston explains the issues within the infrastructure bill.

Trickle down hasn’t worked; it’s trickled on us and we are left to pick up the bill. Listen to Pat explain below.

Chip Franklin – The Price for Fixing America

Infrastructure isn’t sexy, but Chip Franklin believes it’s necessary.

Chip Franklin – The Problem With the Infrastructure Bill

To put it simply, Chip Franklin says it’s hate.

John Rothmann says pass the infrastructure bill

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Tuesday threw a wrench into congressional infrastructure negotiations — after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi derailed progressives’ voting strategy. Since June, when President Joe Biden reached a bipartisan deal in the Senate on a $1 trillion roads-and-bridges bill, he and Pelosi have vowed to bring it to a vote in the House at the same time as a $3.5 trillion party-line reconciliation bill. Pelosi’s move on Tuesday blew up that strategy, and progressives are furious.

Nikki Medoro – Biden continues to lobby moderates about his spending bills

ABC Washington Correspondent Faith Abubey tells the Morning Show with Nikki Medoro President Biden met with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema again to continue discussions about his budget bill as he attempts to get his agenda across the finish line. Also, the NBA doesn’t mandate vaccines for players…are they wrong?

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