Here is California’s Favorite Halloween Candy

FILE – This Sept. 30, 2007 file photo shows “Fun Size” and “Mini” candies in New York. The cost of the ingredients in chocolate is rising, and the nation’s biggest candy makers have already warned that shoppers are going to see price hikes in 2015. (AP Photo/Dan Goodman, File)

Halloween is just around the corner, and with it, the age-old question: what is the best Halloween candy?

KGO host Mark Thompson knows this year has been tough and wanted to make this debate easier for dedicated listeners. He called upon Bret Burkhart, his producer Albert Rebosura & special guest Heather Hamann to get to the bottom of America’s favorite candy.

Mark consulted nationwide candy seller, The Candy Store, for its research, which took 14 years’ worth of data to provide this valuable information.

Not all states can be as elite as California in their choices; listen below to find out which state prompted Heather to state,

“These poor people, have they never heard of chocolate?”

What is your favorite candy? Can you guess which state picked Dubble Bubble Gum as their number one choice?

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