Frank Gore says three former 49ers teammates, and Harbaugh, will be ringside for his boxing match

Frank Gore might be done playing football — for now — but he’s not done competing.

Gore is slated to participate in a boxing match vs. former NBA star Deron Williams, as part of the undercard for the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight on December 18.

Those who watched Gore play for the 49ers will have a hard time not giving the all-time competitor an edge. Even more so when they find out who will be supporting him ringside.

“You know Justin Smith already texted me,” Gore told Murph & Mac on KNBR. “He put more pressure on me man. Justin, Vernon [Davis], [Michael] Crabtree. Everybody going to be ringside man. Harbaugh called me! He said he’s coming, him and his dad Jack. They’re coming.”

Watching Gore box would be entertaining enough, but doing so with Smith, Davis, Crabtree and the Harbaughs cheering behind him puts it over the top.

Gore says that he actually had a couple offers to play in the NFL this year, but chose boxing instead.

“I had three teams that wanted to sign me, but I just wasn’t feeling it at the time. When I didn’t go to training camp, I just saw how much I missed my kids life, playing ball. I was going out to Southern Miss, seeing my stepson play at Wisconsin, so I was enjoying that at the time.

“When I got the calls, I just wasn’t ready to go back. I’ve been boxing forever.”

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