New Restrictions for International Travelers go into Effect Amid Omicron Outbreak

United Airlines passengers wait in line to register at the SFO COVID-19 rapid testing site at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020. Coronavirus weary residents and struggling business owners in Hawaii will be watching closely as tourists begin to return to the islands on Thursday without having to self-quarantine upon arrival. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Stricter travel restrictions are officially in place for those coming into the United States.

Regardless of vaccination status or nationality, all travelers two years and older must show a negative Covid-19 test within 24 hours of boarding their flight.

Previously, travelers had a three day window to provide a negative Covid-19 test.

Individuals who recently recovered from Covid-19 must show a letter from a doctor stating they are cleared to travel.

In addition to testing, President Biden is also extending the mask mandate on airplanes, rail travel and public transportation through March 18. Fines for noncompliance with masking requirements start at $500 and go up to $3,000 for repeat offenders.

Biden announced these restrictions shortly after the first omicron case was detected in the United States, San Francisco to be exact.

The U.S. travel association is hopeful the one-day testing window is temporary until more is learned about the omicron variant.

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