Covid Alarm is a Hard Habit to Break

A health worker wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sanitises his colleague after the funeral for a COVID-19 victim at Nirvana memorial, a Buddhist, Taoist and Christian cemetery in Semenyih, Malaysia, Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Malaysia’s latest coronavirus surge has been taking a turn for the worse as surging numbers and deaths have caused alarm among health officials, while cemeteries in the capital are dealing with an increasing number of deaths. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

The media seems to perpetuate fear surrounding coronavirus in order to dominate headlines, according to journalist Joe Ferullo.

The award-winning media executive and producer joins Mark Thompson to explain his recent article for The Hill, “For media, COVID alarm is a hard habit to break”.

“The COVID-19 crisis has shifted, but the extent and tone of media coverage has not.” Ferullo explains, “Over-heated language in print and on cable demands readers and viewers treat the epidemic as if it were 18 months ago — before vaccines, boosters and a new, less-deadly strain.”

“Journalism needs to take a deep breath and look at each change in the virus story with fresh eyes. Editors and producers should closely examine and justify the time, tone and effort they put towards pandemic coverage. And then some of that journalistic muscle needs to shift over to a very different but even more virulent epidemic — one that attacks the body politic.” Continued Ferullo.

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Listen to their complete conversation below.

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