Bay Area Woman Charged $10,000 for a 1-Mile Cab Ride, but Disputing the Bill Did Not Help

In this Monday, April 6, 2020 photo taxi driver Nicolae Hent, wearing a protective mask, drives his cab in New York. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Can you imagine being charged almost $10,000 for an 11-minute, 1-mile cab ride?

One San Francisco resident doesn’t need to imagine it, because it already happened to her.

Margarita Bekker and husband Chris Schlesinger took a cab 1.1 mile Yellow Cab ride totaling $9.87, but when she went to check her bank account she was charged $9,875.

“I was shocked. I was, frankly, crying on the phone because it’s a huge amount of money for me,” Margarita Bekker said.

To make matters worse, when Bekker reached out to Bank of America to file a fraud claim things did not go smoothly. According to the S.F. Chronicle, Bank of America “Agents told Bekker that the merchant (meaning the cab driver) said the transaction was legitimate and had a receipt signed by her, although it didn’t match the signature on her driver’s license.”

Looking for more assistance, Bekker contacted Yellow Cab. However, the taxi driver quit and was uncooperative in confirmed Bekker’s story, leaving Bekker with an almost $10,000 charge.

Listen to Mark Thompson’s “News of the Bizarre” to find out how Bekker’s story ends.

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