California Man was the World’s First Person to be Frozen After Death

Health workers carry a COVID-19 patient to be admitted to Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad, India, Saturday, Jan. 8, 2022. Health officials say the new surge is causing fewer deaths and many cases are asymptomatic. But they warn against taking the omicron variant too lightly, and say that numerous cases, even if milder, could still pressure the country’s fragile health system. (AP Photo/Ajit Solanki)

James Bedford died on January 12, 1967, but his body is still waiting for its second coming in Arizona.

For 55 years, Bedford’s body has remained in a metal tube: the first man in human history to be cryogenically frozen.

The California’s mans decision to be frozen has sparked countless debates on immortality. KGO hosts Pat Thurston and Mark Thompson discuss how they want to spend the afterlife asking questions including:

  • What do you have planned for when you die?
  • Would you want to be frozen after death?
  • Do you have requests for your funeral? Perhaps specific music to be played?
  • Would you want to come back to life 55 years after dying?

Listen to The Pat Thurston Show’s conversation below.

Mark Thompson share the unbelievable story in “News of the Bizarre”.

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