San Francisco’s Land End Labyrinth Sees Remodel

Visitors walk through a makeshift labyrinth at Mile Rock Beach Friday, March 17, 2017, in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

San Francisco has many iconic locations and over the last few years, one popular location has faced vandalization.

Lands End labyrinth has been a staple since 2004 and informal caretker Colleen Yerge has rebuilt it numerous times after visitors took rocks or altered the pattern. 

In between rebuilds, two visitors Thomas Lew and Christian Tabing-Dalit wanted to do something about the missing labyinth. Tabing-Dalit and Thomas took matters into their own hands and attempted to rebuild the labyrinth. 

“I think both of us underestimated the time and effort it was going to take. You don’t realize, if you just put 10 of those small rocks in a bag, that’s pretty much the limit,” Tabing-Dalit says. “That experience made us appreciate how much effort went into the original iteration of the labyrinth.”

Four hours and a one change of plans lates, the pair turned the outline into a heart.

“It represents our appreciation and love for our friends, our family, our neighbors, our city, and we thought it was fitting with the environment of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background,” Tabing-Dalit says.

“The shape is also for protection. Who wants to dismantle a heart? They’d literally be breaking our heart,” Lew says.

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