Warriors fans heckle Charles Barkley during TNT postgame show

If you slander the Bay Area, they’ll return the favor.

Charles Barkley learned about that on Wednesday night, when he was drowned out by a “Barkley sucks” chant courtesy of Warriors fans outside Chase Center, following Golden State’s 112-87 demolition of the Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.

“Hey, you’re right, and y’all suck too!” Barkley yelled out to them with a smile as Shaquille O’Neal egged the crowd on from the other end of the “Inside the NBA” desk.

The heckling was no doubt in response to Barkley’s comments from earlier in the week that he hates San Francisco, compared it to hell and wasn’t looking forward to making the trip.

Things got even more entertaining when Draymond Green joined the set.

“I don’t dislike the area, I hate the area,” Barkley quipped.

“The area hates you!” Draymond retorted.

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