Refrigerator Unexpectedly Explodes In Fresno Home

Video via ABC 7 Bay Area.

In what could serve as a model for a new weight-loss tool, a refrigerator in a California home suddenly exploded on Thursday, shattering four windows and causing significant damage to the home, authorities say.

The blast — which caused the fridge to hit the ceiling — occurred in a Sanger home, sending food flying in all directions, knocking a door off its hinges and leaving gaping holes in the kitchen walls, says Sanger Fire Captain Andy Jones. Despite the damage, no injuries were reported, he says. “One of the residents here was asleep on the couch; she said all she heard was a loud boom, glass breaking and she ran outside,” Jones says.

Investigators say they have no idea what prompted the explosion. “We discovered that the fridge was actually blown out from all sides, which is a sign of an actual explosion from the inside of the fridge — which is not a normal thing,” Jones says.

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