Shark Who Attacked Pacific Grove Swimmer Could Have Been One Of The Biggest Ever

People walk by a No swimming sign in Boucan Canot beach, in Saint Paul, in the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion, Monday, Feb. 21, 2022. Since 2011, Reunion Island has experienced 27 shark attacks, 11 of which were fatal. (AP Photo/Lewis Joly)

A great white shark who attacked a California man last week might be one of the largest in the ocean.

62-year-old Steve Bruemmer was bitten while swimming near Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove. Thankfully, he was rescued and is currently hospitalized in stable condition.

“The shark bite was unlucky, but after that, I have just had so much good luck,” Bruemmer said in a statement. “And the day was so calm and warm, and the beach was crowded. There were no waves, and there was no chop. So people could hear me yelling ‘Help’ from a great distance, including from the Rec Trail, where someone called 911.”

“Without all those things going right; If it had been a choppy day, then they wouldn’t have heard me on the Monterey Rec Trail. So yeah, I’m lucky. Without all those things going right, I could have bled out,” Bruemmer continued.

Based on the size of the bite marks, the shark was estimated to be up to 20 feet long. That would make it an exceptionally large creature – most great whites range from 11-16 feet long, while only the largest reach 20 feet.

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