SF Man Gets Ticket When Curb Is Repainted After He Parks

Video via ABC 7 News

A San Francisco man is crying “foul” after he received a red zone parking ticket when the spot he was in was repainted red after he’d parked.

Jeff Jolly says he often parks in the spot, which is just down the street from his apartment. “Anytime it’s open, I’ve been parking here for 25 years,” he says. Then, last week, he and his wife found a ticket for $180 on the windshield of their vehicle — for parking in a red zone, Jolly says. They looked down on the ground and found that it had been repainted. “The red stripe is there, where it wasn’t before, and they had the nerve to just to go around my tire,” says Jolly’s wife, Desiree.

Jolly says he plans to fight the ticket in court. Would you fight it in court? Share your thoughts on KGO 810’s Facebook and Twitter listen to what Mark Thompson would do below.

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